Merit for admission in Punjab private medical colleges released

Lahore: The University of Health Sciences (UHS) has recently announced the merit list for admissions to private medical and dental colleges across Punjab. This significant development marks a crucial step for aspiring medical and dental students in the region.

Sharif Medical and Dental College Tops the List
In an impressive feat, Sharif Medical and Dental College Lahore has emerged at the top of this merit list, boasting the highest merit percentage of 89.31% in both Medicine and Dentistry programs. This achievement highlights the college’s commitment to excellence in the medical education sector.

Extensive Selection List
The UHS has released the selection list for a total of 49 private medical and dental colleges. These institutions collectively offer 4,000 MBBS and 1,025 BDS seats. The candidates who have made it to this list are now required to submit the prescribed fees within a tight deadline of three days to secure their admission.

Centralized Admissions Policy
In line with the Punjab government’s policy, private colleges have adopted a centralized admissions system. This move is aimed at streamlining the admission process and ensuring transparency and fairness in the selection of candidates.

Merit Criteria
The minimum merit required for MBBS admissions in private medical colleges stands at 79.05%, while for BDS, it is slightly lower at 76.10%. This threshold reflects the competitive nature of medical education in the region.

Top Merit Holders
Apart from Sharif Medical and Dental College, other top-performing institutions include:

  • FMH College of Medicine and Dentistry Lahore with a merit of 88.02%
  • Al Aleem Medical College Lahore at 87.10%
  • Shalamar Medical and Dental College Lahore with 86.88%
  • Lahore Medical and Dental College Lahore at 86.63%

Candidates listed on the merit list must act swiftly as the deadline for fee submission is set for January 11. After paying the fees through a demand draft, candidates must join their respective colleges without delay.

Upcoming Second Selection List
The UHS is also expected to release a second selection list on January 15, offering another opportunity for aspiring students to secure their places in these prestigious institutions.

The release of the merit list for admissions to private medical and dental colleges in Punjab by UHS is a pivotal moment for the medical education landscape in the region. It not only sets high standards for aspiring students but also paves the way for nurturing the next generation of medical professionals.

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