NADRA B-Form Fees 2024:Process with New Measures

Simplified B-Form Acquisition for Minors by NADRA in Pakistan

In an effort to make the process of obtaining a B-Form for minors more accessible, the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) in Pakistan has introduced streamlined steps, accompanied by cost-effective solutions. The B-Form, a crucial document for securing fundamental rights for children, is now within reach for all parents.

1. Affordable Pricing Strategy

To ensure financial constraints don’t hinder parents, NADRA has set the B-Form fee at a nominal Rs50. For those seeking executive services, a convenient option is available at a fee of Rs500. This strategic pricing aims to make child registration easily achievable for all citizens.

2. Essential Documentation Requirements

Parents need to present their ID cards along with proof of birth, which can be either the Nikkah Naama or a computerized birth certificate.

3. Streamlined Application Process

The application process has been designed to be straightforward. Parents can visit the nearest NADRA office with the necessary documentation, accompanied by either one parent or a court-appointed guardian. In cases where both parents are present, one acts as the applicant, and the other as a verifier.

If only one parent is available, the application form must be verified by a Gazetted Officer or a public representative. The presence of the child is mandatory during the application process, emphasizing the importance of accurate identity documentation from a young age.

4. Capture of Child’s Information

During the application, the child’s photograph and fingerprints are captured, ensuring a comprehensive identity record. This step is particularly crucial for children aged 10 and above.

5. Timely Registration

Parents must register their children within three months of their birth to comply with regulatory requirements. The B-Form is not only a prerequisite for obtaining a CNIC but is also crucial for various legal processes, including applying for a driver’s license and securing admission in educational institutions.

With these proactive measures, NADRA aims to facilitate the citizens of Pakistan in obtaining essential identification documents for their children, ultimately contributing to a more efficient and accessible registration process in 2024.

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