NADRA ID Card Cancellation Certificate – Categories and Application Process in 2024

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) have revolutionized the process of obtaining a NADRA ID Card Cancellation Certificate, introducing a seamless method for citizens facing various circumstances. This initiative is designed to enhance efficiency and security in the cancellation process.

NADRA’s Online Cancellation Service

NADRA’s online ID card cancellation service caters to diverse situations such as death, nationality surrender, and more, providing a smoother experience during challenging times.

1. Death-Related Cancellation

Immediate family members can now apply online for the cancellation of ID cards following the death of a Pakistani citizen or former national, ensuring a straightforward process during difficult times.

2. Surrendered Nationality

Pakistani nationals relinquishing their nationality for a foreign one can easily request the cancellation of their ID card through NADRA’s user-friendly online portal.

3. Dual Nationality

NADRA facilitates a digital channel for individuals seeking cancellation due to dual nationality agreements or the resumption of Pakistani nationality, streamlining the processing for a hassle-free experience.

4. Divorce-Related Cancellation

Pakistani spouses divorcing foreign partners can effortlessly request the cancellation of their ex-spouse’s ID card, facilitating a smooth transition amidst challenging personal circumstances.

5. Handling Issues with Multiple IDs

Individuals possessing two or more ID cards can promptly address the matter by contacting for Pakistanis living abroad or by visiting NADRA offices.

Apply Online for NADRA Cancellation Certificates (CNIC, NICOP, POC)

Residents can apply for the cancellation of their identity document (CNIC, NICOP, or POC) with just one click using NADRA’s user-friendly portal, simplifying the entire process.

Application Procedure for 2024 NADRA Cancellation Certificate

Obtaining a Cancellation Certificate at any NADRA Registration Center is a straightforward process. To ensure a seamless experience, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a token upon arrival.
  2. Capture your signature, photo, and fingerprints.
  3. Verify data entry and review the completed printed form.
  4. Obtain a print copy of your application.
  5. Submit the completed form, duly certified by a blood-related or gazetted officer, to the relevant NRC.

Experience a streamlined procedure as NADRA embraces a user-centric approach for ID card cancellations in 2024.

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