NADRA Smart ID Card Renewal Fee Update 2023

The National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) of Pakistan is responsible for issuing National Identity Cards (NICs) to its citizens. These cards, integrating modern technology with robust business protocols, ensure authenticity and validity nationwide, identifiable by a unique 13-digit number.

The NIC is an essential document for Pakistani citizens, required for various official procedures including obtaining a driving license, National Tax Number (NTN), bank accounts, passports, and mobile phone connections. All Pakistani citizens aged 18 and above are eligible for the NIC.

When the computerized NIC reaches its expiry date, renewal becomes necessary. The updated fee structure for renewing these IDs is as follows for December 2023:

  • Standard Renewal Fee: Rs. 750
  • Urgent Renewal Fee: Rs. 1,500
  • Executive Renewal Service: Rs. 2,500

How to Apply for NIC Renewal

Applicants have two avenues for NIC renewal: online via the Pak Identity website or through a physical visit to a NADRA Registration Center (NRC).

Renewal at NADRA Registration Center (NRC):

  1. Visit your nearest NRC.
  2. The following steps will be taken at the NRC:
  • Issuance of a token.
  • Photograph capture.
  • Collection of signature and fingerprints.
  • Completion of data entry and form printing for review.
  • Provision of a printed application form.
  1. Review the printed form, get it attested by a gazette officer, and submit.

Online Renewal via Pak Identity Website:

  • You can renew your Smart National Identity Card (SNIC) online through the Pak Identity website, which allows for direct delivery to your home. However, note that new or first-time CNIC applications are not supported online.

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