National Savings Profit Rates Schemes 2024

The government has reduced profit rates on national savings certificates and schemes, including Regular Income Certificates (RIC), Short Term Savings Certificates (STSC), Special Saving Certificates (SSC), and Defence Savings Certificates (DSC) by up to 46 bps. Meanwhile, Pensioners Benefit Accounts (PBA), Behbood Saving Certificates (BSC), Shuhda Family Welfare Accounts (SFWA), and Saving Accounts Rate (SAR) remain unchanged.

Notably, the rate of return on RIC has dropped by 12 bps to 15 percent, while SSC has seen a 40 bps decrease to 16 percent. BSC, PBA, and SFWA maintain an unchanged rate of 16.08 percent, and STSC has been revised downwards by 46 bps to 20.34 percent.

InstrumentPrevious RateRevised Rate (First Five Years)Revised Rate (Sixth Year)
Special Savings Certificates16.04%16%16.6%
Defence Savings Certificates14.39%14.2%
Regular Income Certificates15.12%15%
Short-term Savings Certificates (One-Year)20.8%20.34%
Sarwa Islamic Term Account (One-Year)21.37%18.54%
Behbood Savings Certificate16.08%Unchanged
Pensioners’ Benefit Account16.08%Unchanged
Shuhadas Family Welfare Account16.08%Unchanged
Savings Accounts20.5%Unchanged
Sarwa Islamic Savings AccountUnchangedUnchanged

Note: Rates effective from January 26, as per the revised rate sheets issued by CDNS to all regional offices.

Defence Saving Certificates (DSC) now yield a reduced rate of 14.22 percent, while Saving Account Rate (SAR) remains steady at 20.5 percent.

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