OnePlus 11 in Pakistan Benefits from a 30% PTA Tax Cut

In a recent development, the OnePlus 11, a sought-after smartphone among tech enthusiasts in Pakistan, has experienced a significant reduction in PTA taxes. This news brings good tidings for potential buyers, rendering the OnePlus 11 more budget-friendly.

Previously, PTA tax rates for the OnePlus 11 were set at PKR 88,880 for passport registration and PKR 105,767 for CNIC registration. However, the latest adjustments have seen substantial decreases, resulting in a noteworthy overall cost reduction.

Here’s a breakdown of the updated PTA tax rates for the OnePlus 11:

ModelPTA tax on Passport (new)PTA tax on CNIC (new)PTA tax on Passport (old)PTA tax on CNIC (old)
OnePlus 11PKR 58,028/-PKR 76,481/-PKR 88,880/-PKR 105,767/-

This reduction reflects a remarkable 30% cut from the previous rates, enhancing the OnePlus 11’s appeal for those considering a new phone.

For the uninitiated, PTA taxes, determined by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), play a pivotal role in the total cost of owning a smartphone in Pakistan. The decreased PTA tax on the OnePlus 11 is a positive stride likely to motivate more users to officially register their devices.

We recognize the significance of staying informed about the latest tax information. Accurate knowledge of these rates is vital for making well-informed decisions when it comes to acquiring new technology.

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