Opening of e-Transfer Round w.e.f 28-07-2023 | Next E-Transfer Application Submission Phase

The next E-Transfer application submission phase will start on 28-Jul-23.In this regard a notification has also been issued by School Education Department Punjab on 27-07-2023.Further detail in same is as under;

I am directed to refer to subject noted above and to intimate that the Competent Authority has approved the opening of E-Transfer round for all categories of teachers i.e. awaiting posting officers / teachers, promoted teachers, Divorce, Widow, Wedlock, Marriage, Disability, Medical, Mutual and Open Merit transfers as per following schedule: All CEOs (DEAs) will be responsible to tag all promoted teachers on S/S before opening of S/S round.

Timelines and Deadlines

Categories ofDate of ApplyVerificationAppealsDecision onOrders will 

The E-Transfer system uses provisional data, based on self-reporting in SIS by schools and teachers. Application submission and processing will be subject to the transfer rules approved by SED. Finalization of transfer will depend on the verification of all the data and relevant documents (teacher records, sanctioned posts, enrollment, etc.) by concerned offices/issuing authorities.

Opening of e-Transfer Round w.e.f 28-07-2023

It is further directed to share the said schedule with lower formation as well as in all social media groups for awareness of teachers with the following directions for strict compliance:

l. The teachers deputed in Election duties will be bound to perform their Election

Duties as per duty assigned by Election Commission of Pakistan as per previous place of postings. Concerned Head Teachers /DDO and CEO (DEA)  will be responsible to comply with the direction for the same. In case of non –compliance, disciplinary proceedings will be initiated under PEEDA Act, 2006.

  1. Awaiting posting officers / teachers are directed to apply on S/S for their postings. In case of non-compliance, their intervening / awaiting period will be considered as leave of kind due instead of pay purpose. They are further directed to get themselves updated on S/S from the officer of undersigned.
  2. All promoted teachers / officers are directed to choose maximum preferences for actualization of promotion on S/S. In case of failure, they will be posted / adjusted against those schools where dire need is present.

During the E-Transfer application submission phase, eligible teachers can apply for a transfer through the designated online portal. The submission phase typically lasts for a specified duration, providing teachers with ample time to express their preferences and submit their applications.

Once the application submission phase concludes, the next critical step is the verification of all data and relevant documents. This process involves cross-referencing teacher records, sanctioned posts, enrollment data, and other pertinent information. The concerned offices and issuing authorities play a vital role in this verification process.

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