Oppo AndesGPT Launch: The Next Big Leap in AI for Smartphones

Every smartphone maker’s jumping on the bandwagon. Samsung’s got its Gauss AI for Galaxy phones, and now, get this, Oppo’s announcing their own Oppo AndesGPT, launching next month with the Find X7 series.

This Oppo AndesGPT, kinda like Google’s Gemini AI, has three layers and a whopping seven billion parameters. There are three versions: Tiny, Turbo, and Titan. The Tiny’s got seven billion parameters, while Turbo and Titan go crazy with seventy and eighty billion, respectively.

Oppo’s saying the Tiny model’s super efficient and perfect for gadgets like smartphones. Turbo’s the middle child, offering quick responses and versatility. The Titan? That’s for the heavy lifting, deep reasoning stuff.

AndesGPT’s versatile, handling text, speech, photos, you name it. Oppo’s bragging about beating others in response speed and can churn out abstracts of up to 14,000 words. They’re claiming a response time of 2.9 seconds—2.5 times faster than the average.

Cool feature alert: AndesGPT’s got this Swapped Attention thing to deal with first-word reasoning issues. But the Find X7 might not get all these goodies. It’ll likely stick to simpler AI tasks like making custom backgrounds, writing emails, and note summarizing.

The big question? Will international Find X7s get AndesGPT? Considering OnePlus and Oppo are like siblings, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a similar chatbot in OnePlus phones. Stay tuned, folks!

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