Orange Line Train and Metro Bus Fare in Multan 2024

The Punjab caretaker government has given the green light to fare increases for the Orange Line train and Multan metro bus.

Reports indicate that fares for the Orange Line Metro Train project will rise by five rupees, with a similar increase approved for the Multan metro bus fare. Additionally, feeder bus fares will also see a five-rupee uptick. These adjustments come amidst a recent surge in fuel prices, prompting the decision.

The move is expected to generate an extra annual income of Rs. 82.85 million from fare revenue for the Punjab Mass Transit Authority. Notably, fares for the Lahore and Rawalpindi-Islamabad metro bus services will remain unaffected.

Earlier, caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi had dismissed a proposal suggesting a Rs. 15 fare hike for Metrobus and Speedobus services. Instead, Naqvi gave the go-ahead for the introduction of electric buses at Lahore Railway Station and Tagrin Town. The initiative, backed by the World Bank, will pilot 27 electric buses in Lahore.

Moreover, the Punjab government has opted for electric buses for the Islamabad-Rawalpindi metro bus service. This decision, made during a Punjab Mass Transit Authority meeting, also included a review of a proposal for diesel hybrid regenerative buses deployment.

Addressing staff shortages at the Punjab Mass Transit Authority, the caretaker CM emphasized the need for prompt action.

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