Pakistan Air Force Allegedly Conducts Counterattacks Inside Iran

Social media is ablaze with reports suggesting that the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has executed retaliatory strikes within Iranian territory. These unverified claims have circulated widely, with OSINTdefender, an open-source intelligence monitor, providing insights into the alleged incidents.

As per OSINTdefender’s post on X, numerous airstrikes were reportedly carried out overnight in Eastern Iran, specifically in the vicinity of the city of Saravan, around 20 miles inside the Sistan and Balochistan province from the Pakistani border. The post includes images depicting plumes of smoke rising from the areas purportedly targeted. It is crucial to emphasize that, at present, these reports lack verification, and no official confirmation of retaliatory strikes has been issued by top Pakistani military officials.

The context for these alleged strikes arises from recent events where Iran was reported to have breached Pakistani airspace, conducting airstrikes that tragically resulted in the loss of two children’s lives and left three girls injured.

The longstanding strained relationship between Pakistan and Iran is further at risk due to this recent episode, threatening to exacerbate an already delicate bond between these significant powers in the Islamic world. In the midst of escalating tensions, both nations are urged to exercise restraint and pursue diplomatic resolutions. It is imperative that they engage in dialogue through diplomatic channels to de-escalate the situation and prevent the region from plunging into a larger-scale conflict.

The international community is closely monitoring the situation, emphasizing the need for Pakistan and Iran to prioritize peace and stability over further hostilities.

The featured image is for illustrative purposes only, and there is no confirmation regarding the reported deployment of jets in Iran.

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