Pakistan Railways Adjusts Fares in Response to Fuel Price Surge

Pakistan Railways has announced a slight increase in fares for all mail and passenger trains, effective immediately. The decision, communicated through an official notification, entails a two percent fare hike across all train routes.

This fare adjustment is a proactive measure in response to the recent surge in fuel prices across the country. The railway administration aims to address financial challenges while ensuring continued operational efficiency and service quality.

Acknowledging the economic strain caused by escalating fuel costs, Pakistan Railways views this fare adjustment as a necessary step to alleviate financial pressures.

This decision follows a recent increase in fuel prices by the caretaker federal administration. Petrol prices rose by Rs2.73 per liter to Rs275.62, while high-speed diesel prices increased by Rs8.37 per liter to Rs288.33.

Despite these adjustments, Pakistan Railways remains committed to providing affordable and sustainable transportation services. Passengers can expect a seamless continuation of services amidst these economic changes.

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