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Pakistan’s E-Passport Fee Structure for January 2024

In a significant move to modernize and streamline passport services, the Government of Pakistan has announced a new fee structure for e-passports, set to be implemented in January 2024. This revision aims to align with the latest technological advancements in passport issuance and enhance overall user experience.

E-Passports: A Step Towards Modernization
E-passports represent the cutting edge in travel documentation technology. The revised fee structure is part of the government’s broader initiative to modernize the passport issuance process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Encouraging Citizens to Embrace the New System
The new fee structure is designed to be more straightforward, encouraging Pakistani citizens to utilize it for a smoother travel preparation process. This change reflects the government’s dedication to simplifying and making e-passport acquisition more accessible.

Key Highlights of the New Fee Structure

  • Standardization of Fees:
  • A 36-page e-Passport with a 5-year validity is now priced at Rs 9,000.
  • The fee for a 36-page e-Passport with a 10-year validity is set at Rs 13,000.
  • Expanded Passport Options:
  • A 72-page e-Passport with a 5-year validity comes at Rs 15,000.
  • For a 10-year validity, the 72-page e-Passport is available for Rs 24,000.
  • Nationwide Uniformity:
  • The new fee structure is uniformly applicable across all provinces, ensuring equity for all applicants.
  • Enhanced Accessibility:
  • This fee adjustment aims to make e-passports more accessible, supporting the government’s goal of easing the acquisition of this crucial travel document.
  • Transparent and Predictable:
  • The clear and consistent fee structure aids applicants in planning and budgeting for their passport needs.
  • Efficiency and Expedited Processing:
  • The streamlined fees are expected to contribute to a more efficient processing system, minimizing delays and speeding up passport issuance.

This revamp in the e-passport fee structure is a forward-looking step by the Pakistani government, aimed at enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of passport services. It underscores the commitment to integrating modern technology in governance, ensuring a smooth and equitable process for all citizens seeking travel documents.

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