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Peshawar Schools Relax Uniform for Students During Winter

Amidst the current cold wave in Peshawar, there has been a notable adjustment in the uniform rules for schools. The administration of Primary and Secondary schools has decided to accommodate the chilling temperatures by allowing students to wear any sweater or coat, as outlined in an official notification.

The Department of Primary and Secondary Education issued a notification emphasizing the necessity for this change due to the adverse impact of cold weather on academic activities within educational institutions. In light of these considerations, students are now permitted to deviate from the standard uniform attire to ensure their warmth and comfort during this cold spell. This relaxation in uniform rules is not a temporary measure but will persist until there is an improvement in the prevailing weather conditions.

This local decision resonates with a broader directive from the Punjab School Education Department, which has mandated a similar relaxation in uniform policies for private and public schools across the province. According to the official notification from the Punjab department, students are granted the flexibility to wear various winter clothing such as sweaters, blazers, coats, jackets, caps, socks, and shoes throughout the months of January and February. This leniency aims to enable students to protect themselves from the cold weather and maintain a conducive learning environment.

In summary, the adjustment in uniform rules in Peshawar reflects a regional response to the challenges posed by the ongoing cold weather, prioritizing the well-being and comfort of students during their educational pursuits.

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