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Plan your Visit: Snowfall Expected in Murree and Galiat Soon

As other parts of Punjab grapple with pollution issues, the scenic town of Murree, often referred to as “Malika-e-Kohsar,” is gearing up for its first snowfall of the winter season, expected in the coming days.

According to the Pakistan Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), there’s a possibility of light rain on Monday, which could potentially transform into a snowy night in Murree and the nearby Galiat areas.

However, the weekend is predicted to bring extremely cold and dry weather to these picturesque regions.

The PDMA spokeswoman anticipates persistent cloud cover and a continued cold wave, resulting in chilly temperatures on Sunday. Monday, on the other hand, might bring a touch of winter magic with light rain during the day and the potential for snowfall at night.

As Tuesday approaches, expect gloomy skies and the likelihood of morning snow, offering spectators a breathtaking view.

The Wednesday forecast calls for very cold, dry weather, maintaining the wintry atmosphere.

Thursday is expected to bring mostly dry weather, keeping the current cold trend intact.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q1: When is Murree expecting its first snowfall of the winter season?
A1: Murree is preparing for its first snowfall in the coming days, as per the Pakistan Disaster Management Authority (PDMA).

Q2: What is the possibility of rain and snow in Murree on Monday?
A2: There is a possibility of light rain on Monday in Murree and the Galiat areas, which could turn into snowfall at night, according to PDMA.

Q3: How is Murree ensuring the safety of tourists during this season?
A3: Thirteen facilitation centers have been set up in Murree to provide basic services to tourists, ensuring their safety and convenience, as stated by the Punjab Relief Commissioner.

Q4: Is there any advice for tourists visiting Murree in winter?
A4: Tourists are advised to stay informed about weather conditions for safer travel, as recommended by the authorities.

Q5: What emergency assistance is available for travelers in Murree?
A5: The PDMA helpline at 1129 is open for urgent assistance in case of emergencies, and the district administration is ready to help travelers with guidance and protection, as emphasized by Relief Commissioner Nabil Javed.

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