PTA’s New SIM Sale Measures: Strengthening Security Against Fraud

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) addressed some misconceptions circulating in the media regarding an amendment related to the buffer between new SIM sale sessions. Currently, there’s an 8-hour gap between successive biometric verifications from NADRA for SIM transactions, which is being extended to 7 days for new SIMs. This change aims to counter the tactics employed by fraudsters who activate multiple illegal SIMs quickly for fraudulent activities, posing as consumer surveys, NGOs, or free ration schemes.

While a new SIM can be immediately issued to a CNIC through biometric verification, subsequent new SIMs on the same CNIC will require a 7-day waiting period for NADRA’s biometric verification. It’s important to note that this amendment doesn’t affect the activation of duplicate SIMs or other SIM-related transactions like Change of Ownership & MNP.

This SOP amendment will take effect from January 24, 2024, as part of regulatory measures to safeguard against unauthorized or fraudulent issuance of SIM cards. Stay informed to ensure a secure communication environment.

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