PTA’s Transition to Optical Fiber Cable Infrastructure for Fixed Broadband Services

PTA to Shift to Optical Fiber Cable Infrastructure for Fixed Broadband Services

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is poised to upgrade its fixed broadband services by transitioning from traditional copper-based networks to modern Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) infrastructure. This move aims to enhance the security and speed of broadband services across the country.

According to official sources, this transition will be enforced through new and renewed licenses, emphasizing the adoption of Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) connections. This shift is expected to significantly improve the quality of service offered to consumers.

To ensure compliance with these new standards, PTA will implement revised Fixed Broadband Quality of Service Regulations 2022, aligning them with various fixed broadband technologies such as xDSL, cable broadband, fixed wireless, FTTH/Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON), and Satellite Broadband.

In line with these regulations, PTA will conduct Quality of Service (QoS) surveys using the National Broadband Measurement (NBM) program. This program involves deploying pre-configured devices and volunteers to measure performance continuously. These surveys will also help enhance QoS standards for 3G and 4G services and expand coverage obligations in cellular licenses.

PTA is committed to enforcing these improved QoS standards and coverage obligations, as outlined in recent cellular mobile license renewals and NGMS spectrum auctions. The authority has developed survey plans for 2023 and beyond, including complaint-oriented QoS surveys of mobile operators in 48 cities throughout Pakistan, AJ&K, and GB.

Additionally, PTA will collaborate with mobile operators for benchmarking studies, quality of experience measurement frameworks, and the adoption of technologies like 5G and Fixed Wireless Access. These initiatives aim to expand broadband coverage, especially in underserved areas, and establish a more resilient and future-ready cellular ecosystem aligned with international best practices.

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