Punjab Announces Holiday for Nursery and Playgroup Students

Punjab Chief Minister Mohsen Naqvi has expressed his deep concern over the rising cases of pneumonia among children in the province. Since January 1st, a total of 36 children have succumbed to pneumonia in Punjab. The situation has become particularly alarming at the Children’s Hospital, where 8 out of every 10 children admitted are suffering from pneumonia.

In response to this crisis, Chief Minister Naqvi made an emergency visit to the Children’s Hospital and held a high-level meeting. The meeting was attended by the heads of pediatrics from all hospitals in Lahore. During this meeting, extensive consultations were held regarding preventive measures and strategies to combat the spread of pneumonia.

Punjab Chief Minister Mohsen Naqvi Expresses Concern Over Increase in Pneumonia Cases in Children

Among the key decisions made were the suspension of morning assemblies in schools across Punjab until January 31st and the announcement of a 7-day holiday for nursery and playgroup classes. Chief Minister Naqvi emphasized the importance of children wearing masks, washing hands regularly, and using warm clothing as the cold weather intensifies. He noted that the increase in cold weather is contributing to the rise in viral pneumonia, especially among children.

Provincial Minister of Education Mansoor Qadir, Secretary of Health, Special Secretary of Health, and senior doctors and health experts also provided suggestions during the meeting. They collectively stressed on the need for increased awareness and preventive measures to protect the children from this escalating health threat.

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