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Punjab Government Toll Rate Notification – Revised Charges Effective February 2024

Official notification by the Punjab Communication & Works Department outlining revised toll rates for different vehicles on provincial roads, effective from February 01, 2024. Read the updated charges for cars, buses, trucks, and more.”

Here is a notification of revised Toll Rates effective from February 01, 2024, for various types of vehicles at all toll plazas in the Province of Punjab on Provincial Roads.

No. SOH-V(C&W)9-2/2023-24: In exercise of the powers under Section-3 of Punjab Tolls on Roads & Bridges Ordinance 1962, Governor of the Punjab is pleased to approve revised Toll Rates with effect from February 01, 2024 to be charged per crossing/ in the manner already notified, from the vehicles mentioned against each at toll plazas in Province of Punjab on Provincial Roads:

Detail of New Toll Rate Schedule 2024

Sr. No.Type of VehicleToll Rates
1Cars, Jeeps, Pickup, Vans, Taxi Cars, Tractor without Trolleys.Rs.30/-
2Mini Buses, Wagons, Commercial Vans/ Pickups.Rs.40/-
4Rigid Trucks (up to 6 wheels)Rs.90/-
5Trucks/ Trucks Trailers Multi Axles (more than 6 wheels and up to 10 wheels).Rs.90/-
6Long Vehicles (more than 10 wheels).Rs.170/-
(a) Used for agricultural purposes & empty.Rs.70/-
(b) Used for commercial purposesRs.40/-
(a) Used for agricultural purposes & empty.Rs.30/-
(b) Used for commercial purposesRs.80/-
9Rickshaw, Scooter, Motorcycles & Animals Driven Vehicles.Free
10Monthly Rate for the bonafide Residents of the area maintaining Cars, Jeeps, Pickups not used for commercial.Rs.200/-

2. Exemption from toll to certain vehicles as per earlier notification(s) shall continue.

3. Prevailing toll rates at toll plazas; 17 Mile on RMK Road at PC Bhurban Murree, Kallar Kahar Choa Saden Shah Road District Chakwal, Lahore – Sheikhupura – Faisalabad Road (LAFCO) and Sheikhupura – Gujranwala Road shall remain enforced.

Punjab Toll Rate Notification 2024

Punjab Government Toll Rate Notification - Revised Charges Effective February 2024

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