Punjab Healthcare Department Abolished Various Posts in RHCs

Official notification regarding the abolishment of select healthcare positions in District Muzaffar Garh as per the Office Order No. SO (ND)3-19(A.P)/2023-HRA, in accordance with the Punjab Delegation of Financial Powers Rules, 2016.

This document details the decision dated 02.02.2022 by the Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department.”

Accoridng to the complete detail of the notification, No. SO (ND)3-19(A.P)/2023-HRA: In exercise the Powers Conferred upon him vide Rule No. 2 (i) of the Punjab Delegation of Financial Powers Rules, 2016, read with Office Order No.ADMIN/DW/2022(i) dated 02.02.2022, issued by Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department, the following posts are hereby abolished.

The detail is as under:

Sr. No.Cost CenterName of Health FacilityName of PostBPSNo of Posts Abolished
1.MV9008RHC Khair Pur SadatSenior Medical Officer / Senior Women Medical Officer181
2.MV9008RHC Khair Pur SadatMali1-41
3.MV9008RHC Khair Pur SadatSanitary Worker/ Sweepers (Outsourced)1-43
4.MV9008RHC Khair Pur SadatWard Servant1-41
5.MV9009RHC Seet PurSenior Medical Officer / Senior Women Medical Officer181
6.MV9009RHC Seet PurLady Health Visitor / Midwife (Jr. Technician)04/09/12/14/163
7.MV9009RHC Seet PurVaccinator05/09/12/14/162
8.MV9009RHC Seet PurDriver4/51
9.MV9009RHC Seet PurChowkidar / Security Guard1-41
10.MV9009RHC Seet PurMali1-41
11.MV9009RHC Seet PurSanitary Petrol1-93
12.MV9009RHC Seet PurSanitary Worker/ Sweepers1-44

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