Punjab Schools and Universities to Close Due to General Elections 2024

Date: January 31, 2024 In a significant development ahead of the scheduled general elections on 8th February, the Provincial Cabinet has announced a crucial update impacting the education sector in Punjab. The decision, aimed at ensuring a smooth electoral process, entails the temporary closure of all public and private sector schools, colleges, and universities in the region.

Closure Dates: February 6th to February 9th

To facilitate the electoral proceedings and to maintain a secure environment, educational institutions will remain closed from February 6th to February 9th. This temporary shutdown is part of a coordinated effort to streamline logistics and resources during the electoral period.

Modified School Timings Until February 3rd

In a bid to accommodate the closure period, a modification in the school timings has been implemented. The regular 9:30 am starting time for schools will be in effect only until February 3rd. After this date, a return to the usual school timings is anticipated.

Regular Timings to Resume

Post the specified closure period, schools, colleges, and universities are expected to resume their regular timings. This decision underscores the commitment to balancing the academic calendar while contributing to the democratic process.

The Provincial Cabinet’s decision reflects a proactive approach in ensuring the successful conduct of the general elections while prioritizing the safety and security of students and educators alike.

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