Punjab’s Winter Vacation Decision: CM Naqvi’s Latest Updates

Lahore, January 6th, 2024 – Mohsin Naqvi, the Chief Minister of Punjab, made a significant announcement during his visit to the Lahore Zoo regarding the potential extension of the winter vacation in Punjab. This decision, he revealed, would depend on recommendations from the Education Department. As of now, the winter break season is scheduled to conclude on January 9th, 2024.

The proposal to extend the winter vacation in Punjab has garnered considerable attention from the public, primarily due to the persistently cold weather affecting various parts of the province.

While at the Lahore Zoo, Chief Minister Punjab addressed another pressing issue, the recurring haze and fog that have been causing transportation disruptions. Naqvi expressed concern about the spread of fog, even in cities like Rawalpindi and Islamabad, which were not previously affected. He emphasized the adverse effects on aviation, citing frequent closures of airports in Faisalabad, Sialkot, and Lahore due to fog.

To address visibility problems caused by the fog, Naqvi mentioned preparations for artificial rain if suitable cloud conditions arise, underlining the current scarcity of cloud cover. As fog continues to envelop the Punjab region, Naqvi expressed hope for rain soon, invoking divine intervention.

During his visit, CM Naqvi also provided updates on several ongoing initiatives. He stated his expectations that the Gujranwala Motorway and the Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi projects would be completed by January 31st. Naqvi stressed his commitment to project oversight, highlighting the involvement of various agencies and regular monitoring by ministers, officers, and officials.

In cases where project delays are possible, Naqvi assured a swift response from his team. The Department of Communication and Works (C&W) remains actively engaged in numerous initiatives.

Turning to concerns about ongoing crackdowns, particularly those related to encroachments, CM Naqvi acknowledged the challenge of preventing individuals from returning to unlawful activities after crackdowns. He emphasized the need for sustained efforts to deter such recurrences.

In the past, fake announcements of winter vacation extensions had circulated on social media platforms, causing confusion among students and parents who mistook them for official notifications from the Punjab government.

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