Salary Increase Calculator 2023

The salary increase calculator is a helpful tool that allows you to calculate the salary increase based on the basic pay and grade level. Whether you’re an employee or an employer, this calculator can provide valuable insights into salary adjustments. In this article, we will walk you through the steps to use the salary increase calculator effectively.

Once you have the salary increase calculator open, you will see an input field labeled “Basic Pay.” In this field, enter the current basic pay of the employee for whom you want to calculate the salary increase. The basic pay is the fixed amount of compensation before any additional allowances or deductions.

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Salary Increase Calculator 2023

Fill all column according to your Salary Slips, new increase salary will be on your screen.

Salary Increase Calculator

Salary Increase Calculator

Component Amount (PKR)

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  1. As ishaq dar taking about daily allowance ( mileage allowance) is this the same as employees of ministry of defence getting 20 DAs in their each pay or is it different?

  2. Es men personal allownce ko bi shamil ni kiya giya. Aur charge allownce bi ni hey .Taxes bi ni bataey gaey. Plz explain

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