Salary Increase Employees of KPK Budget Speech 2022-23

Good news for employees of the KPK Government, an announcement has been made for a Salary Increase for KPK Employees as per Budget Speech 2022-23. KP Government has also granted relief to the employees of the province in the 2022-23 Budget. According to Budget Speech, the following have been favored by the KP employees:

Salary Increase Employees of KPK Budget Speech 2022-23

  • Increase in Salary 16%
  • Increase in Pension 15%
  • Risk Allowance for BPS-06 to BPS-16 Police Employees

Other Relief Packages Employees in Budget 2022-23

  • Rescue and Forest Department Staff 15% Increase Extra
  • Police Shuhada Package Increase
  • Transport Monetization
  • Performance Allowance instead of Executive Allowances
  • Friday – Work from Home (On Rotation Basis)
  • Pension Reforms – Pension Contributory Pension for new pensioners (if salary 50000/- then some amount of it will be deducted as pension contributory pension)
  • Regularization of Adhoc Employees – 675 Doctors with effect from 1st July 2022, NTS teachers 58000 regularized with effect from 1st July 2022.
  • Hiring of Nurses
  • OPD facility, medical facility up to 10 Million for Government Employees

Revised Pay Scales 2022 KP

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