Salary Increase Employees of KPK Budget Speech 2022-23

Good news for employees of the KPK Government, an announcement has been made for a Salary Increase for KPK Employees as per Budget Speech 2022-23. KP Government has also granted relief to the employees of the province in the 2022-23 Budget. According to Budget Speech, the following have been favored by the KP employees:

Salary Increase Employees of KPK Budget Speech 2022-23

  • Increase in Salary 16%
  • Increase in Pension 15%
  • Risk Allowance for BPS-06 to BPS-16 Police Employees

Other Relief Packages Employees in Budget 2022-23

  • Rescue and Forest Department Staff 15% Increase Extra
  • Police Shuhada Package Increase
  • Transport Monetization
  • Performance Allowance instead of Executive Allowances
  • Friday – Work from Home (On Rotation Basis)
  • Pension Reforms – Pension Contributory Pension for new pensioners (if salary 50000/- then some amount of it will be deducted as pension contributory pension)
  • Regularization of Adhoc Employees – 675 Doctors with effect from 1st July 2022, NTS teachers 58000 regularized with effect from 1st July 2022.
  • Hiring of Nurses
  • OPD facility, medical facility up to 10 Million for Government Employees

Revised Pay Scales 2022 KP

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  1. Kp police DRA without any reasons remain inactive why? Kp police had demolished several times till their secrefieses ignored always by taking minimum salary and facility from the rest of country.
    1.convince allowence should b doubled as wafaq.
    2.DRA with arear should also b activate with budget.

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