Salary Increase for Sindh Employees and Budget Speech 2022-23 Sindh



According to the Budget Speech 2022-23 Sindh, the Sindh Government increase salaries for the employees of the province of Sindh.  The pay/pension increase and other benefits for the employees and pensioners of the province of Sindh are as under:

Salary Increase for Sindh Employees and Budget Speech 2022-23 Sindh

Murad Ali Shah has stated that there will be no new taxes imposed in the provincial budget for the coming fiscal year. “A development budget of Rs 262 billion has been proposed,” Sindh CM said.

“In budget papers, Rs 250 billion has been proposed for the overall health sector budget,” he said.

“The government has proposed a 20 percent increase in the education budget for the coming year,” he said.

According to a previous report, the provincial government intended to include Rs32 billion in the district development budgetary proposals.

The Sindh government had also estimated that projects funded by foreign donors would cost Rs100 billion.

“The government has also proposed a 15% increase in government salaries for FY2022-23,” Shah said. Furthermore, a 5% increase in pensions has been proposed.

Revised Pay Scales 2022 Sindh

Adhoc Relief Allowances 2016. 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2021 at the rates admissible to the employees of the Federal Government Sindh Govt is merging, and Revised Pay Scales 2022 for civil servants of the Government of Sindh is being introduced on the pattern of the Federal Government.

Increase in Pension Sindh 2022

Pensioners of Sindh were already getting a 22.5% increase in net pension than pensioners of the Federal Government till February 2022. Therefore an increase at the rate of 5% of net pension pensioners of the Sindh will get wef 1st July 2022. Thus after the announcement of a 10% increase in a pension by the Federal Govt in March 2022 and the enhancement of the rate of increase to 15% from 1st July 2022 pensioners of Sindh will be getting 12.5% more net pension that the pensioners of the Federal Government.



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