Samsung Enables Voice Call Recording Over Wi-Fi in Latest Update

Samsung’s latest software update for Galaxy S24 smartphones brings more than just AI enhancements. The update introduces Wi-Fi call recording in One UI 6.1, expanding the calling experience for users.

This feature is specifically available in VoWiFi mode, which enables Voice over Wi-Fi calls. With this update, Galaxy S24 and select other Galaxy models can now record calls in VoWiFi mode, providing a convenient way to capture important conversations.

VoWiFi, or Voice over Wi-Fi, allows users to make calls directly over Wi-Fi networks, bypassing cellular networks. It proves useful in areas with poor cellular coverage or when users are out of signal range.

To utilize VoWiFi recording in the latest One UI 6.1 update, users can access the phone’s settings menu, navigate to the Calls option, and select Other Call Settings. From there, they can enable the VoWiFi call recording feature.

However, it’s essential to note the ethical considerations surrounding call recording, especially without consent, which may have legal implications in various jurisdictions. Users are advised to use this feature responsibly and with careful consideration.

Ensure your phone is updated to the latest One UI version to take advantage of this feature.

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