Samsung Galaxy S21 price, PTA Tax in Pakistan January 2024

Samsung, a leader in the Android market, consistently inspires with its transformative ideas and top-notch technology. Its flagship line stands as a strong competitor to Apple’s devices. Amidst a sea of brands, Samsung maintains its position by launching phones equipped with high-quality hardware and the latest software.

In Pakistan, Samsung’s products tend to be pricier than those of its rivals, yet the company continues to generate substantial revenue. This pricing is influenced by the various taxes imposed on mobile phones in the country, including customs duties, sales tax, and withholding tax. The level of taxation varies, taking into account factors like the smartphone’s value and type.

Samsung Galaxy S21 latest price in Pakistan

As of Jan 2024, Samsung Galaxy S21 is available at price of Rs176,500 in Pakistan.

Samsung Galaxy S21 PTA Tax (Passport)

Device ModelsTax
Samsung Galaxy S21Rs67,300 
Samsung Galaxy S21 PlusRs79,000
Samsung Galaxy S21 UltraRs96,950

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