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A notification of Schedule of First Term School Based Assessment 2023 has been issued on 19-03-2023 by School Education Department, Govt. of Punjab Lahore. Further detail of said notification in same is as under;


I am directed to refer your Note for Secretary, School Education Department bearing Diary No. 836 dated 12.09.2023 on the subject cited above and to convey that following instructions / directions be adhered in letter & spirit:

PEC shall ensure that the results of the School Based Assessment (SBA) are uploaded on the School Information System (SIS).

Paper printing charges shall be incurred from the existing PEC budget and schools shall not utilize current NSB for this purpose.

PEC shall share the database statistics, including the schools/teachers who generated the papers and the Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) or sub) act-wise outcomes of the assessrnent.

To ensure transparency, the PEC shall not constitute any monitoring team/committee for field monitoring. Instead, the PEC shall establish an internal cell to collect and address queries related to system glitches and shall refer cases of administrative nature to SED.

SED shall constitute the Monitoring Teams and monitoring cost shall be incurred from the existing PEC budget as per PEC rules.

PEC shall submit comprehensive annual plan and seek prior approval from this Department before initiating any activity related to the subject matter.

PEC shall observe following schedule regarding each term of School Based Assessrnent:

However, from next academic year onwards, rest of the dates shall remain same except First Term that should be conducted during 3rd and 2nd week of August.

First Term1st and 2nd Week of October 2023
Mid Term2nd and 3rd Week of December 2023
Final Term2nd and 3rd Week of March 2024


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