Several new features in WhatsApp Channels

With over two billion active users globally, WhatsApp remains the top messenger app across iOS, Android, and Windows OS. The user-friendly interface and recent enhancements, including custom sticker creation and pinned messages, contribute to its widespread popularity.

In September 2023, WhatsApp introduced Channels, gaining swift popularity worldwide, especially in India, amassing 500 million active users within four months.

To enhance user experience, Meta-owned WhatsApp announces several new features for Channels. In the upcoming weeks, users can engage in polls, share updates on personal Status, and benefit from an increased admin limit of eight.

As voice messaging gains traction, WhatsApp logs an impressive seven billion audio messages daily. To replicate this success on Channels, the platform will soon introduce Voice updates.

These features will be rolled out gradually with new updates, ensuring a widespread global reach. Additionally, WhatsApp is testing a standalone iPad app, allowing users to link their accounts through the multi-device linking feature. Stay tuned for these exciting enhancements!

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