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Sindh Governor Approves Online Property Registration Ordinance

Sindh allows citizens to register property online

In a noteworthy development, Sindh Governor Kamran Khan Tessori has given his approval to the Registration (Sindh Amendment) Ordinance 2024. This ordinance enables all Sindhi citizens to register their properties online with the Board of Revenue. A spokesperson for the Governor mentioned that individuals can now conveniently submit applications or documents for property registration from the comfort of their homes or any location. The Sindh government aims to streamline the property registration process, eliminating the need for citizens to physically visit offices. Furthermore, the submitted documents will undergo online verification from the database.

Sindh Allows Citizens to Register Property Online

Sources indicate that Kamran Khan Tessori swiftly signed the ordinance, and it has now come into immediate effect throughout the province. The approval falls under the powers granted to the Governor under Clause (1) of Article 128 of the Constitution of Pakistan.

Sindhi citizens can directly verify their submitted documents from the database, enhancing the ease of the registration process. Upon successful verification, applicants will receive notifications through SMS or email, prompting them to proceed with the required fee or tax payments. On January 28, Governor Sindh Kamran Khan Tessori made a special announcement, providing financial assistance to individuals above 75 years who have not undertaken Hajj or Umrah.

The Sindh Governor recently visited Sindh Government Hospital Liaquatabad, where he addressed the media. He informed that elderly individuals aspiring to perform Hajj and Umrah could register at the Governor House. Selected individuals will be chosen through a balloting process for the pilgrimage to the holy mosques.

As the February 8 elections approach, it appears that the Sindh government is making efforts to facilitate its citizens on multiple fronts. Whether it is a political strategy or not, only time will reveal. Share your thoughts in the comment section on what you think about these initiatives.

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