Smartphone Installment Policy Awaits Approval from Two Ministries

Smartphone Installment Policy is Now Awaiting Approval from Two More Ministries

The Ministry of IT and Telecom is advancing its smartphone / mobile phone installment policy, now seeking approval from the Ministry of Law and Ministry of Finance. After engaging stakeholders in discussions during a working group meeting on mobile financing, the ministry is readying the policy for further review and approval by the federal government.

Approval Pending: Smartphone Installment Policy Awaits Decision from Two Additional Ministries

Sources familiar with the matter informed ProPakistani that once endorsed by the federal government, the Ministry of IT and Telecom intends to issue a directive to kickstart a cell phone financing program.

This development follows earlier efforts, with the Ministry of IT and Telecom having submitted the Mobile Phones Financing Policy to the Federal Government in December last year. However, the policy was returned in January for additional review by the Ministry of Law.

The proposed mobile phones on installment program aims to make technology more accessible, especially for those with limited financial means, by offering interest-free installment plans. Furthermore, the policy addresses concerns regarding defaulters by outlining measures to block mobile phones of individuals failing to meet their installment obligations.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) will play a significant role in implementing this policy, moving away from the traditional reliance solely on mobile companies for enforcement. The PTA’s Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) will be crucial in executing the blocking process.

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