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SNGPL Reopens Gas Connections in Private Housing Societies

SNGPL notifies resumption of new gas connection installation

Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited has greenlit the reinstatement of RLNG-based domestic gas connections in more than 100 private housing societies.

According to a memorandum issued by SNGPL regarding the Provision of Gas Connections on RLNG Basis in Privately Developed Housing Schemes, the company has approved the resumption of RLNG-based domestic gas connections in private housing societies.
The letter advises resuming individual RLNG-based gas connections (against IT-generated pending lists) in private housing societies where the network has been laid commissioned on RLNG after recovering 100 percent Cost from the developer.

This policy will also be applicable to new phases/extension blocks of existing housing societies commissioned on an RLNG basis per OGRA policy vide letter No. OGRA-9 (473) 2018 dated 05.09.2019. RLNG connections can only be provided to such housing societies/phases/blocks that have not already been provided system gas.

To clarify the policy, the relevant part of the OGRA letter is reproduced as follows:

“The Sui Companies shall refrain from providing RLNG-based domestic connections in the existing housing colonies and localities where domestic consumers are already being supplied natural gas at the indigenous gas tariff.”

“Please also note that the moratorium on system gas domestic connections is still in place. Therefore, no system gas connection should be processed in publicly developed areas, private housing societies commissioned on system gas, and their leftover areas,” the letter added.

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