Solar Panel Price up in Pakistan February 2024 Latest Update

Solar panel latest price update in Pakistan February 2024

The prices of solar panels, promoted by the government for household energy production, have skyrocketed ahead of the summer season. Solar panels are a renewable energy source that reduces dependency on the national grid, allowing households to produce their own electricity. Surplus electricity can be sold to the government through the net-metering system. Additionally, solar panels provide uninterrupted power supply, especially during summer load shedding.

Solar Panel Prices in Pakistan 2024

Solar Panel CapacityOld PriceNew Price

Meezan Bank Solar Panel Financing

Here we are sharing a financing plan for 10-kilowat setup offered by the Meezan Bank for the period of two years.

Quotation Amount:Rs. 920,000
Down Payment:Rs. 230,000
Tenure:2 Years

Tentaive Payment Schedule

1March 202441,729
2April 202442,046
3May 202441,058
4June 202440,890
5July 202439,939
6August 202439,734
7September 202439,156
8October 202438,261
9November 202438,000
10December 202437,142
11January 202536,843
12February 202536,265
13March 202535,016
14April 202535,109
15May 202534,344
16June 202533,953
17July 202533,226
18August 202532,797
19September 202532,219
20October 202531,547
21November 202531,062
22December 202530,428
23January 202629,906
24February 202629,328

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