SOP of Geo-Tagging for Census 2023

A notification SOP for Geo-Tagging incase of non-availability of Imagery and Maps for Census 2023 had been issued by PBS.Further detail is as under;

SOP of Geo-Tagging for Census 2023

Pakistan Bureau of Statistics has procured high resolution imagery from SUPARCO with purpose to facilitate enumerators during field operation as well as to enhance the accuracy of geotagging of structures amid the 7th Population and Housing Census. However, due to some technical complexities an alternative plan was deemed necessary. Therefore, the following procedure is devised which is to be followed in case if the SUPARCO imagery is not/partially downloadedor notproperly visible on tablets. Urdu translation is also attached for convenience of field staff.

  • In order to facilitate the enumerator, two types of maps “Satellite Imagery by SUPARCO” and “Open Streen Map” are provided in enumeration application. Enumerator can switch between them by clicking “osm-maps” or “suparco-maps”.

For improved geo-tagging, the enumerator should wait for the GPS to acquire location and if the GPS location is fetched then it is recommended that the enumerator use the same location and do not change it.

If GPS location cannot be found the enumerator will mark the location by carefully looking at SUPARCO Imagery.

SUPARCO imagery is not visible in Application, Open Street Map (OSM) is provided as alternative (osm-maps).

SUPARCO Imagery is not available and OSM map is also blank/notavailableorisnot in identifying the location, then try to capture GPS location by moving around in the near move to closest open air point then location will be captured.

above options are not successful, then the following approach is to be used.

Note: This approach should only be used if enumerators has sufficiently tried to capture GPS location by moving around in nearest open space.

enumerator will use provided manual map of block and block boundary displayed in for estimating his/her location and mark the location according to his/her understanding.”

  1. Forwarded for further necessary action please.
SOP of Geo-Tagging for Census 2023
SOP of Geo-Tagging for Census 2023

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