SSGC 48-Hour Gas Load Shedding Schedule for Sindh’s CNG Stations

In response to the worsening gas shortage, the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) has declared a 48-hour shutdown of all CNG stations across Sindh. Starting from 8 am on December 30, 2023, until 8 am on January 1, 2024, this closure encompasses all industrial sectors, including their power generation units. The restriction also applies to CNG stations operating on LNG.

This drastic measure follows the company’s struggle with depleted gas supplies in its system, resulting in reduced gas availability and low pressure issues. The SSGC has emphasized the severity of the situation, warning of severe consequences for any industry that fails to comply with the gas holiday. Non-compliant industries face a week-long disconnection of their gas supply.

The gas crisis has already taken a toll on the industrial sector, particularly exporters who have raised alarms over significant production disruptions. The gas scarcity is causing delays in fulfilling export orders, potentially amounting to millions of US dollars in losses. This closure, while necessary for managing the current supply challenges, highlights the broader issues facing the region’s energy sector.

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