OpenAI “Accidentally” Leaks ChatGPT’s Next Major Upgrade

OpenAI’s last upgrade to ChatGPT was GPT-4 Turbo, which was officially launched in November 2023, featuring a significantly larger context window and an updated knowledge cut-off date. Now, the AI chatbot is on the brink of yet another upgrade, as hinted by leaked information from the company itself. The AI startup recently published a blog … Read more

Google to Fight Against Hackers Under New AI Cyber Defense Initiative

Google is gearing up to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in its latest initiative, the AI Cyber Defense Initiative, aimed at bolstering cybersecurity measures against cyber threats. This innovative program seeks to leverage AI technology to create a safer online environment by staying ahead of cybercriminals. One of the biggest challenges in cybersecurity … Read more

CES 2024 Highlights: AI-Powered Gadgets and Robotic Massages

Tech enthusiasts at CES 2024 are in for a treat with a myriad of innovations and gadgets showcased by over 4,000 exhibitors. From personal tech to transportation, healthcare, and sustainability, the event promises a glimpse into the future, fueled by the widespread integration of artificial intelligence. One intriguing development comes from French company Capsix Robotics, … Read more

AI-Powered Misinformation Named World’s Top Short-Term Threat in Davos Report

A recent report unveiled at the Davos Summit has identified AI-powered misinformation as the greatest short-term threat globally. The report, spearheaded by analyst Emma Klint, highlights the growing concerns over the misuse of artificial intelligence in spreading false information. According to Klint, the ease with which AI can generate convincing fake news poses a serious … Read more

Debunking the Myth: AI-Enhanced Video of Robot Playing Table Tennis

In the age of rapidly advancing technology, distinguishing between reality and digital alteration becomes increasingly challenging. A recent example is a video that went viral on social media, claiming to show a robot outmatching a human in table tennis. However, this claim does not hold up under scrutiny. Background of the Viral Video The Origin … Read more

Microsoft Copilot AI App Now Available on iOS and iPadOS

In the latest tech news, Microsoft has just amped up the AI game by launching its innovative Copilot AI app for both iOS and iPadOS users. This rollout comes hot on the heels of its Android debut, opening up a whole new world of AI possibilities for a wider audience. Now, what’s the fuss all … Read more