Top Countries with the Most Software Engineers

Software engineering is a global industry, and it’s fascinating to explore which countries are leading in terms of the number of software engineers they produce. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top countries with the most software engineers and provide data in a table format to make comparisons easier.

To compile this list, we’ve gathered data on the number of software engineers in various countries. The numbers represent an estimate of the software engineering workforce in each nation.

The Top 10

Let’s dive right in and explore the top 10 countries with the most software engineers:

RankCountryNumber of Software Engineers
1🇨🇳 China7 million
2🇮🇳 India5.8 million
3🇺🇸 USA4.4 million
4🇷🇺 Russia3.2 million
5🇧🇷 Brazil2.8 million
6🇯🇵 Japan2.4 million
7🇩🇪 Germany2.2 million
8🇨🇦 Canada2 million
9🇬🇧 UK1.8 million
10🇵🇱 Poland1.6 million

Beyond the Top 10

Now that we’ve seen the top 10 countries, let’s continue exploring the rest of the list:

  1. 🇺🇦 Ukraine: 1.4 million
  2. 🇷🇴 Romania: 1.2 million
  3. 🇦🇷 Argentina: 1 million
  4. 🇰🇷 South Korea: 900,000
  5. 🇹🇼 Taiwan: 800,000
  6. 🇮🇱 Israel: 700,000
  7. 🇸🇪 Sweden: 600,000
  8. 🇦🇺 Australia: 500,000
  9. 🇳🇱 Netherlands: 400,000
  10. 🇪🇸 Spain: 300,000

These numbers highlight the global reach of the software engineering field. China and India lead the way with the highest number of software engineers, followed closely by the United States. As technology continues to advance, these numbers are likely to change, with more countries investing in this crucial industry. Software engineering is a driving force behind innovation and progress, and these numbers reflect its significance on a global scale.

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