Top Graphic Design Scholarships for Creatives 2024

Graphic Design Scholarships

Step into the realm of creativity where art and design become the language of your heart. If you possess artistic talents, educational foundations offer significant opportunities in the form of graphic design scholarships. Seize this pathway to fuel your passion and achieve your career aspirations. Universities worldwide are extending scholarships for graphic design courses, with programs varying from fully-funded to partially-funded based on the institution’s criteria and the specific courses offered. Let’s delve into a brief overview of these scholarship opportunities.

List of Graphic Design Scholarships

  1. Betty Harlan Memorial Scholarship
  2. Ann Arbor Graphic Arts Memorial Fund Scholarship
  3. The John F. and Anna Lee Stacey Scholarship Fund
  4. Zinggia Ohio Art Scholarship
  5. Sandra West ALS Foundation Scholarship
  6. Carlynn’ Comic Scholarship
  7. International Excellence Scholarship
  8. Gucci Changemaker North America Scholarship
  9. Coating and Graphic Arts Division Scholarship
  10. Concordia College Visual Arts Scholarship
  11. Helen Lansdowne Resor Scholarship
  12. Future Designer Scholarship
  13. Young Arts Competition Scholarship
  14. VectorWorks Design Scholarships
  15. AIGA World Studio Scholarship
  16. Julie Madison Memorial Art Scholarship

Betty Harlan Memorial Scholarship

Named after creative art designer Betty Harlan, this scholarship supports young artists facing challenges in showcasing their skills. It provides a $5000 USD award, covering tuition and expenses.


  • High School graduation
  • Attend a private or public institute
  • CGPA of 2.5 to 2.7
  • Intention to pursue visual arts and design
  • Residency in Boone, Ogle, or Winnebago

Application Requirements


  • Graduate transcripts
  • Financial status report
  • Short essay on career focus, skills, and passion


Applications due by February 1, 2024, Monday.

Ann Arbor Graphic Arts Memorial Foundation Scholarship

Established in the early ’90s as a non-profit organization, the Ann Arbor Arts scholarship focuses on providing financial aid for higher studies to young individuals. The foundation, committed to supporting deserving and passionate candidates, specifically offers graphic design scholarships.

This scholarship has a minimum value of 3000 USD, with variations based on the available funds and the percentage of students benefiting.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for the Ann Arbor Memorial Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Display interest in future arts and printing pursuits
  • Graduate from High school or college
  • Enroll or pursue studies in Ferri’s graphic communications or media
  • Full-time student status
  • Minimum required CGPA of 2.00 or grade C

Application Information

The application requires:

  • Proper personal information
  • Current and passing transcripts
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Attachment of certificates, records showcasing leadership, participation, and extracurricular activities
  • Mention of relevant work experience


The submission deadline for the graphic design scholarship program is March 1, 2024.

Zinggia Ohio Art Scholarship

The Zinggia Ohio Art scholarship offers a valuable opportunity for creative individuals in Ohio, providing yearly career opportunities in arts and design. As a highly esteemed graphic design scholarship, it aims to alleviate financial stress for creative designers pursuing a secure future.

This scholarship awards 2000 USD, covering tuition expenses for the selected student in 2024.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must:

  • Reside in Ohio or possess permanent US nationality
  • Maintain a minimum CGPA of 3.00
  • Be enrolled in a college or high school in the required state during the application
  • Demonstrate knowledge and interests in arts, design, and management
  • Showcase strong creativity skills
  • Be a full-time high school student

Application Requirements


  • Academic records from the current High School institute
  • Reference letter
  • Active participation in social and creative activities
  • Applicable for two to four years


Submit your application before January 31, 2024, for consideration. Selection is based on career goals and skills.

Concordia College of Visual Arts Scholarship

The Concordia College of Visual Arts Scholarship stands out as a premier graphic design scholarship, offering a comprehensive four-year arts designing program.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must:

  • Maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.8
  • Demonstrate interest in digital and graphic arts
  • Possess work experience in visual graphics
  • Provide two mandatory reference letters for application acceptance


The application submission and portfolio completion deadline is February 1, 2024. Open to all aspirants.

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