UHS and Pakistan Post Join Hands to Ensure Safe Transit of Exam Material

In a significant development, the University of Health Sciences (UHS) and Pakistan Post have officially inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to guarantee the secure transportation of examination materials, including crucial exam questions, for medical and other professional exams. The signing ceremony took place on Friday, bringing together key figures from both organizations.

The MoU was signed by Ms. Sadia Naseem Ghazal, Postmaster General Punjab (Central), and Professor Ahsan Waheed Rathore, the Vice-Chancellor of UHS, signifying a commitment to enhance the safety and confidentiality of exam-related logistics.

Under the terms of this agreement, Pakistan Post will take on the responsibility of delivering UHS examination papers and relevant materials to various exam locations scattered across Punjab and Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Additionally, Pakistan Post will ensure the secure and confidential return of completed exam papers to Lahore after the examinations have concluded.

The MoU includes stringent standard operating procedures designed to bolster the security of the transportation process, safeguarding the integrity of the examinations.

In a mutually beneficial arrangement, Pakistan Post has offered a cost-effective package in exchange for the valuable services provided by UHS.

The signing ceremony saw the presence of key individuals, including DS South Pakistan Post Ms. Shaista Anjum, Registrar Professor Sarah Ghafoor, Director Postgraduate Studies Professor Asif Naveed, UHS Pro-VC Professor Nadia Naseem, and DPMG Operations Shahid Iqbal.

Deputy Registrar Admin Ali Fayaz Malik will act as the primary point of contact for the implementation of this agreement on behalf of UHS, ensuring its successful execution.

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