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WhatsApp Enhances Status Duration Feature 2023

WhatsApp, all time popular messaging app by meta and used by billions of users around the globe, has recently announced a new status feature. In a bid to provide users with more control and flexibility over their status updates, WhatsApp is extending the status duration beyond the previous 24-hour limit.During the previous ,the staus limit was 24-hour.

WhatsApp Enhances Status Duration Feature previous 24-hour limit 2023

NowThis update, which follows the integration of Voice Status in February 2023, is set to enhance the overall user experience.

Extended Status Duration

The core enhancement to WhatsApp’s status feature is the extension of status duration. Previously, any status update automatically disappeared after 24 hours. However, with this new change, users will have four distinct options to choose from:

24 Hours: For those who prefer the traditional status duration, this option remains available.
3 Days: Users can now set their status to last for up to 3 days, allowing for more prolonged sharing of moments.
One Week: If you want your status to remain visible for a full week, WhatsApp now provides that option.
2 Weeks: The longest duration available is 2 weeks, giving users the opportunity to keep their status visible for an extended period.

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