WhatsApp’s Latest Update: Quick Calls with Favorite Contacts

WhatsApp is set to enhance its voice calling feature by introducing the option to designate favorite contacts. This upcoming update aims to streamline the calling experience, allowing users to easily reach their preferred contacts with a single tap, eliminating the need to navigate through the contacts list.

According to reports, the feature is currently in testing and is expected to initially roll out to iOS users. The beta version # for iOS suggests that users will soon be able to add specific contacts to their favorites list, potentially placing them at the top of the Calls tab for quick access.

Similar to the functionality of pinning chats, this feature is anticipated to simplify the process of making calls by providing a dedicated section for favorite contacts. Instead of scrolling through the call log or visiting profiles to initiate a call, users can simply tap on their favorite contact for a more efficient calling experience.

While the feature is still in its early developmental stages and not yet available for testing, it holds promise for enhancing user convenience. This update is expected to be particularly beneficial for users, including the elderly, who may find navigating the app challenging. Stay tuned for further updates on this noteworthy addition to WhatsApp’s features.

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