Zero-Interest Installment Offer Yamaha Introduces

Yamaha is making a splash with its latest offer – zero-interest installments! They’ve just unveiled this tempting deal as part of their ‘New Year Surprise’ initiative, shouting it out on social media.

The buzz is all about a 0% mark-up and an 8-month payment plan for new Yamaha purchases. Catch is, it’s a limited-time offer in specific cities across Pakistan, kicking off with a monthly installment as low as Rs. 25,000.

Not to be outdone, other players like Toyota IMC, Pak Suzuki, Master Changan, and Kia Lucky Motors are also playing the attraction game. Toyota Pakistan, for instance, is dangling “competitive markup/profit rates, lowest insurance rates, and priority delivery” for the new Corolla Cross Hybrid through select banks.

KIA Motors Pakistan is sweetening the deal with Rs. 50,000 cash back on the Picanto AT and a whopping Rs. 150,000 cash back on the entire KIA Sportage lineup. Suzuki is joining the party too, throwing in a purchase bonus of Rs. 100,000 on the Swift GL CVT model for January.

And here’s a Changan special – save Rs. 300,000 when you book the Oshan X7 for Rs. 7,999,000, according to their social media post. It’s a festival of offers out there!

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