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Zong Mobile Package Price Hike again 2024

In a recent move reflecting the broader trend in the tech and telecom sector, Zong has once again escalated the prices of various mobile packages. While the increases are not drastic, they impact a range of plans and are applied on a weekly or monthly basis.

Some plans, rather than undergoing a direct price hike, have seen a subtle reduction in the resources offered, such as fewer call minutes for the same price.

For instance, the Monthly Super Card now costs Rs. 900, up from Rs. 800, offering an additional 100 off-net minutes. The Monthly Pro Max package remains priced at Rs. 1,600, unchanged from before. In contrast, the Monthly Digital Max Offer now costs Rs. 1,500, maintaining the same data and calling minutes. The Monthly Supreme has discreetly cut the number of off-net calling minutes from 500 to 350, yet the price remains at Rs. 999.

These are just a few examples of adjustments in monthly packages. Weekly packages, too, have seen changes. The Weekly Pro Plus package is now priced at Rs. 480, up from Rs. 460, with unchanged benefits. This price adjustment means an increased monthly cost (Rs. 1,840 to Rs. 1,920 per month).

Additionally, the Weekly Pro now costs Rs. 460, up from Rs. 440, maintaining the same benefits. The Weekly HLO and Weekly Premium packages have also seen a Rs. 20 increase each. Notably, the Super Weekly Plus package has one of the largest increases, rising by Rs. 40.

It’s important to note that these examples represent just a fraction of the total price increases across Zong’s packages. Furthermore, Zong is not alone in this trend; similar pricing strategies are being observed across various network providers.

Zong Internet Packages in Pakistan

PackagesOld PriceNew Price
Monthly Super CardRs800Rs 900
Weekly ProRs440Rs460
Weekly Pro PlusRs460Rs480
Monthly SupremeRs. 999Minutes reduced
Monthly Digital Max OfferRs1500Rs1500 (No change)
Monthly Pro max packageRs1600Rs1600 (No change)

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