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Clarification of No Income Certificate Verification 2022 Details

A notification has been issued on 26th January 2022 in connection with clarification regarding Verification of No Income Certificate 2022 by The Government of Punjab, Finance Department.Further detail of said notification in same is as under;

Clarification of No Income Certificate Verification 2022 Detail

I am directed to refer to policy letters of this Department bearing No. FD SR.111-4-111/89. dated 22.07.1989 and No.FD.SR.III-4-57/2013, dated 15.05.2013 (copies enclosed) and state that both of these policy letters contain the condition of having no regular source of income upon receiving of family pension to the unmarried daughters, widowed daughters, divorced daughters and unmarried sisters of a deceased pensioner civil servant.

However, a question has arisen that who will be the competent authority for verification of ‘No Income Certificate for sanction of family pension in such cases.

The matter has been examined in the Finance Department and it is clarified that it is for Pension Sanctioning Authorities to fulfill this condition while sanctioning family pension cases.

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