Clarification of Personal Allowance and Charge Allowance

A Notification has been issued on 03-03-2022 in connection with the Clarification of Personal Allowance and Charge Allowance in Punjab for AEOs by Government of the Punjab Finance Department.Further detail of said notification in same is as under;

Clarification of Personal Allowance and Charge Allowance

Grant of Personal allowance to the Assistant Education Officer initially appointed as SSE/SST and Drawing Personal Allowance but later on appointed as Assistant Education Officers through complete process amongst SSE/SST

Will the Deputy Inspector Treasury & Accounts (Estt.). Government of Punjab. Inspectorate of Treasuries & Accounts kindly refers to his letter bearing No. IT.FD(TT))7-2/2019, dated 15th November 2021 on the subject noted above?

The case has been examined and observed that the viewpoint of DAO-I Bahawalpur is incorrect. However, the response of the Finance Department is as under:

Sr. No.View point of DAO-I BahawalpurResponse of FD
i.That those SSTs drawing already personal Allowance but appointed as AEO under Recruitment Policy, 2016 are entitled to a grant of Personal Allowance.SSTs upon appointment as AEOs are not entitled to Personal Allowance in the light of letter bearing NO.FD/SR-II/9-214/2013, dated 02.04.2014 of Finance Department.
ii.That they are also entitled to grant of Charge Allowance sanctioned by the Govt. of the Punjab vide No.SO9SE-III) 2-16/2007, dated 29.10.2009 read 05.04.2018 for the Teachers working against administrative posts.SSTs appointed as AEOs are also not entitled to Charge Allowance in the Light of letter bearing No. FD.PR-12-7/2007, dated 05.04.2018 of Finance Department.

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