Conduct of PSL (Pakistan Super League 2022) 7th Edition | NCOC

A notification has been issued on 29 December 2021 in connection with the conduct of PSL (Pakistan Super League 2022) 7th Edition 2021 by NCOC. Further detail of said notification in same is as under;

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Conduct of PSL (Pakistan Super League 2022) 7th Edition | NCOC

NCOC during its session held on 29 December 21 decided that PCB is allowed to conduct

PSL 7th edition matches are scheduled from 27 January to 27 February 2022 at 100 % of the stadium capacity for fully vaccinated individuals, however, decision could be reviewed depending on disease situation towards 3`d week of January 2022. Following guidelines may be followed:-

  1. All age groups are allowed to attend the matches / event. However, 12 years age and above should be fully vaccinated. PCB to ensure that invitations / tickets are issued accordingly.
  2. Strict adherence to COVID protocols (mandatory mask wearing and hand sanitizers etc) by spectators and organizers.
  3. Fool proof security arrangements will be ensured by PCB in coordination with LEAs.

  1. Forwarded for information / necessary actions, please..
Conduct of PSL (Pakistan Super League) 7th Edition 2022 | NCOC

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