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Here i am sharing the Model Papers & Blue Prints for School Based Assessment 2022 issued by Punjab Examination Commission.These model paper are subject wise.students and teachers related to this exam can download these Model Paper for preparation of annual Examinations 2022.Further detail of notification issued by Punjab Examination commission in same is as under;


Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) is an autonomous body set up by the Government of the Punjab to assess the student learning outcomes at elementary level. Under the Assessment Policy Framework (APF) 2019, the role of PEC is to facilitate and provide technical support to District Education Authorities (DEAs) in Punjab regarding students’ assessment. In this regard, PEC provides standardized item bank to schools to conduct the uniform School Based Assessment (SBA) across the Punjab. The pattern for SBA 2022 has already been shared with DEAs for information and further sharing with the field formation (schools) vide this office letter No. Assessment/AD/SBA/2-2021/848 dated 10-11-2021 and Assessment/AD/SBA/2-2021/255 dated 08-01-2022.

 2. The standardization of items is a precise and comprehensive process which followed a series of activities. Prior to the development of items, PEC develops the Subject Assessment Frameworks for all grades (1-8) and subjects to align the assessment with curriculum, textbooks and teaching and learning practices. PEC has also developed model papers for guidance of teachers according to these assessment frameworks. The main features of these frameworks are:

  1. A pathway to valid and reliable assessment
  2. Based on implemented curriculum
  3. Aligned with classroom teaching and learning practices
  4. Prepared with the consent of all stakeholders i.e. PEC, QAED, PCTB and practicing teachers
  5. Measuring cognitive skills as per Bloom’s Taxonomy, aligned with curriculum
  6. Consists of:
  7. Identified cognitive levels of each SLO
  8. Blueprints
  9. Examples of MCQs and CRQs
  10. Rubrics

  3.These frameworks and model papers are available on PEC website It and can be downloaded from given link below.

Model Papers & Blue Prints for School Based Assessment 2021

English Assessment Framework 2021-22
Grade 8 English A Model Paper
Grade 8 English B Model Paper
Math Assessment Framework 2021-22
Grade 8 Math A Model Paper
Grade 8 Math B Model Paper
Computer Scince
Computer Science​
Computer Science Assessment Framework 2021-22
Grade 8 Computer Education A Model Paper
Grade 8 Computer Education B Model Paper
Social Studies / History Geography
Social Studies Assessment Framework 2021-22
Grade 8 History Geography A Model Paper
Grade 8 History Geography B Model Paper
Islamiat Assessment Framework 2021-22
Grade 8 Islamiat A Model Paper
Grade 8 Islamiat B Model Paper
Science Assessment Framework 2021-22
Grade 8 Science A Model Paper
Grade 8 Science B Model Paper
Grade 8 Urdu A Model Paper
Grade 8 Urdu B Model Paper
Ethics Assessment Framework 2021-22

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