The Directorate of Curriculum and Teacher Education Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Abbottabad, being the competent authority under the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Supervision of Curricula, Textbooks, and Maintenance of Standard of Education Act 2011, has developed. New Academic Calendar (SNC TALEEMI CALENDER) for all KPK Schools 2021 and 2022.


This Academic Calendar is designed for the implementation of curriculum 2020 (phase one Grades 1 to 5). The basic purpose of the academic calendar is to improve the teaching-learning process and accomplish the assigned task within the stipulated time i.e., academic session. The time for each subject is calculated based on the regular school timings and periods allocated as per the approved Scheme of Studies. Details of the academic year are given below:

  • Days in a Calendar year 365
  • Winter/Summer/ Spring vacations 106
  • Gazetted Holidays and Sundays 49
  • Days in an academic session 240


This Academic Calendar is specially designed for the years 2020 – 21. As you know that due to COVID 19, we are facing the challenge of limited teaching time this year. In order to assist you to utilize the available time effectively, this Academic Calendar has been developed.

The time for each subject is calculated based on the regular school timetable and periods allocation. A special focus has been given to those examples/questions from exercises that help to achieve most of the SLOs. The SLOs that have been covered either in other SLOs or subjects or even in previous classes are addressed once.
You are requested to:

  • Plan your teaching according to the provided academic calendar
  • Try to cover all the topics within the allocated period of time.
  • Assign homework of a few questions for practice and re-enforcement.
  • Use the worksheet to reinforce concepts where applicable.
  • We hope that together we can bridge the gap and improve the learning of our children.

Grade 1 to 5 Academic Calendar Free Download

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