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The Competent authority has approved the subject training under the arrangement / supervision of QAED.

Financial Guidelines/Instructions

The expenditure will be incurred strictly in accordance with following financial guidelines/instructions as per funds enumerated object/head-wise in the enclosed financial plan and in case of any irregularity, the concerned QAED head will be held responsible:

  1. Entertainment will be provided @ Rs.350/- per participant per day for Tea and lunch of trainees and 2 Master Trainers per class.
  2. Remuneration for 2 Master Trainers (MTs) @ Rs. 4,000/- per day per M/T.
  3. Stationary @Rs.100/- per participant for whole training.
  4. Miscellaneous @ Rs.1,500/- per class for whole Training v. District QAED head will ensure that under no circumstances budget allocated for one object is used for another object.
  5. The Expenditure may be materialized subject to codal and procedural formalities to be filed by QAED Heads as well as by following PPRA rules, FBR and PRA rule.
  6. Original attendance sheets of participants and MTs containing the detail of their status/designation, department/office and CNIC No. will be furnished along with vouched accounts.
  7. Attested copies of the pages of Stock Registers showing receipts and disbursement of stock items shall be required along with vouched accounts.
  8. The expenditure should be incurred as per actual number of participants on the basis of attendance strictly in accordance with rules/policy.
  9. A consolidated summary of the expenditure to be incurred on training object/head wise should be attached with original vouched accounts.
  10. Each document of payment (acquaintance rolls, miscellaneous copy of stock register showing receipts & disbursement and refreshment bills, photo copies

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