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No Salary Increase in Budget 2022

As per the Daily Dunya report, there is a proposal not to increase in salary of the Federal Government employees. However. the allies of the Government and other ministries propose a 10% to 20% increase in the salary of the employees. Government has a plan not to increase pay till the final proposal of the pay and pension committee.

Salary Increase in Budget 2022 for Govt Employees

When the Government will receive the proposals of the pay and pension committee, Govt. will increase the pay of the employees. However. Allies of the Government and Ministries will give proposals to increase the pay and pension from 10% to 20% keeping in view the deamess.

Pay and Pension Committee will give its proposals ill 30 June 2022. There are chances of service structure of the employees and pay and pension proposal be implemented in the budget of 2023-2024. The commission has requested the Government to complete its task by 30% June 2022.

This is only on the basis on daily news on Social Media and print media news.

No Salary Increase in Budget 2022

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  1. Minimum 25000 and high qualify staff of school in province of punjab are getting salary 30000 bps 14.
    Govt employee are not a part of any political group they accepts all group when they standing. When two parties flights then govt employee get loss in first. All provinces increased scale but in punjab not implemented. pti or n league are take a side of govt employee that’s is not a fair.

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