Notification of QAED Training For IT Teachers Punjab 2022

A notification has been issued on 7th February 2022 in connection with nominations for 8 days of QAED training for IT teachers by The Government of Punjab, Quaid-e-Azam Academy For Educational Development. Further detail of said notification in same is as under;

QAED Training For IT Teachers on Digital Skills 2022

QAED Punjab intends to ensure the Training of all IT Teachers who are nominated/verified by your office for Training on 21st Century Digital Skills. Therefore, the following link has been created for the submission of verified nominations of suitable IT Teachers for your kind office.

Further to above your kind office may use any tool/module/google sheet to collect & analyze data from the field, however QAED Punjab will only accept nominations received through the above link only due to its automated training system.

In case of any query, the “Database Center” at Provincial QAED Punjab may kindly be approached/contacted at (042-111-007-223). I am therefore directed to request you that the matter may kindly be expedited on Fast Track.

Notification of QAED Training For IT Teachers Punjab 2022

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